Pompei Tourism

Pompeii is par for the city of tourism and tourists, it offers many services, from the undesirable health food and a chain of stores that meet any tourist strip. Do not forget the wonderful and interesting excursions to the nearby Mount Vesuvius, which is for the people Pompeiano cross and delight.

In fact, its reputation has a him, even if so tragic as the story tells us. For those who want to quench your thirst for culture and immerse themselves in art or anything that belongs to a world rich in history, has an embarrassment of choice, because in addition to museum Gracco of Pompeii, you can reach the near Naples boasts numerous museums of varying importance and archaeological sites such as the National Archaeological Museum, National Museum of Capodimonte, Palazzo Reale, Museocivico Castelnuovo, Castel Dell'Ovo, Museo Pignatelli Cortes, Mother Art Museum, the church of S. Maria Donna Regina Vecchia, Dices Museum, Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro, Certosa di San Martino, Castel San'Elmo, Duca di Martino, City of Science, National Railway Museum Pietrarasa, Arch Museum Of Flegrei fields in Castle Bay, excavations of Cuma, Flavian amphitheater, the Temple of Serapides, Rione Terra, the palace of Caserta, Belvedere di San Leucio, ancient Capua, dell'Angelo caves, Certosa di Padula, Pestum and Velia, Oplonti for the excavations, and Boscoreale Stabia excavations at Herculaneum and fund Dulcis in the excavations of Pompeii.

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