Bad Sleep Pompeii and breakfast

One of the services that we offer to the tourist that is certainly not to use it as such. In fact, our approach is only of a family stretched to his satisfaction after he leaves.

Creating in him and around him an aura of "home." Our rooms finely furnished, observe the highest principles of comfort and are located in an elegant back to the excavation, where silence reigns and privacy, and clean atmosphere and where I certainly do not miss the green.

To stay in the theme of nature, very dear to us, we offer to our friends, the bikes, giving them the opportunity to take long walks in style "nature." But one of the flagships, as claimed by our friends / customers, is the breakfast ...

Yes, in fact we use citrus fruits for the famous nuances, prevents land from our property, we manage personally, to say nothing of our cakes and tarts made exclusively in our brick oven, where in summer to churn out good Neapolitan pizza.

Certainly there will never salami made in our own house in the old way, and more ... genuineness of our countryside, all exclusively produced with old recipes handed down from our grandparents, who despite age 96-94 (probably owe their longevity our own products!) caring and taking care to keep our tradition.

It is also easy to reach by train, away from us a few minutes, and we are required to take.

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