City of Pompei

Mariana pompei town with a population of 25,000 inhabitants, where there is a strong devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary where faith are interwoven with the ancient ruins of a past that drives the crowds of pilgrims to return to this wonderful city.

Known and appreciated throughout the world as a city of ruins, it stands in a strategic position, in fact, besides being close to Herculaneum and then close to Vesuvius, it connects well to the near Castellammare di Stabia from where you can easily reach the sea beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean ...

Capri and Ischia, where the first spirit in a unique scenery in the world, not surprisingly is the property of UNESCO and the second to restore the body with its famous spas and healthy.

By its own means you can reach the vaunted Sorrentina Peninsula and the Amalfi coast, where beautiful places is a must visit for the romance that express both their lightning ... do not miss the famous "Tarantella."

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