Pompeii excavations

Speaking of the excavations is very simplistic, the excavations of Pompeii must live, watch, pause and meditate on the many fascinating mysteries that they express those inanimate debris that can move an entire world from one mystery to another. Pompeii was located after a lava flow from Vesuvius escape in prehistoric times and the way in which it was stretched flat and very broad.

In 1738 on the orders of Charles of Bourbon began the true recovery of the slaves. So under Borboni Pompeii became a sort of outdoor museum, among the many marvels claim were: the time of fortune Augusta and the baths of the Forum.

Was given to Antonio Sogliano Spinazzola and refinement of the technique and the recovery of slaves and their conservation. Then the presence of Rome by Johann Winchelman, a great scholar of the classical world help a lot to make known to worldwide this priceless heritage.

In fact, for the first time in the light were not only objects as objects, but real structures and infrastructure of a city buried, where it is included because this city was full of advanced and well-being. There are many discoveries and time devoted to the gods, and many are the villas of rich patricians ... all to see!

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